Foam Roof Repair

Foam Being Sprayed to Repair a Flat Roof.

Commercial Roof Improvement

Are you looking to improve your commercial roof with a more effective roof solution? For an effective and quick roofing installation, look into ECO Roofing‘s polyurethane foam roof solutions, which offer a seamless composition and simple installation. To create foam roofing, polyol is mixed with isocyanate, which forms a liquid that is sprayed across your roof and finished with a durable topcoat. Because this roofing system is seamless, it offers exceptional leak protection, and excellent UV protection, making it perfect for nearly any commercial roof. If you need an expert foam roofing installation or even just foam roof repairs in Biloxi & Gulfport, contact¬†(877) 406-7663¬†to set up your first appointment and quote with ECO Roofing!

Benefits of a Foam Roof

Though it is out of the ordinary to see heat-welded seams in modern roofing, it is still the norm for commercial roofs to have layers of material connected by strongly-bonded seams. Due to foam roofing’s seamless application, you can skip the common problem of seam weakening over time. The flexible nature of foam roofing also improves the roofing process, as it adheres to almost any surface, and is easy to install around rooftop protrusions including vents and A/C units. A foam roofing installation can continue to last for over 2 decades when installed properly, and this lightweight roof solution requires almost no maintenance. Foam roof repairs are equally simple, and a great way to stop leaks quickly and efficiently.

Foam Roof Installation Services

At ECO Roofing we always recommend foam roofs as an affordable and effective choice for commercial roofing, and it is surprisingly quick and simple to apply. As a green roofing option, you may also notice improved energy efficiency with this roof solution, along with the other benefits. Foam roofing easily reflects UV rays with its white and glossy appearance, and this helps keep the A/C for your building working more effectively, which helps lower your energy bills. Foam roofs have been recorded as an efficient method of reducing energy costs by 30%! If you would like to learn more about efficient commercial roof solutions, call us at (877) 406-7663 and ask about our foam roofing installation or foam roof repairs in Biloxi & Gulfport!